HOW DO YOU PICK YOUR FRIENDS?  I changed schools in the second grade and had few friends–dogs, cats, and horses excluded–until the seventh grade.  Seventh grade was when the elementary schools in the surrounding townships sent their students to Media High School.  I was then befriended by my current best friend by Lynn; she remembered me from Kindergarten and first grade; she pulled me into her group of friends.

That is basically my style.  If you want to be my friend, I am eager and happy and we will be friends for a long time for I am loyal.  I think I have turned my back purposely on seven friends.  Even now I would be happy to reconnect with all but one of those former friends.  Not that I am still in touch with all former friends, but my heart is open to those who  re-knock at my heart.

This style of picking friends served well when David and I were foster parents, for each kid placed with us had our trust from day one.  I like to think that helped many of our kids stand a bit taller and move forward a bit with their lives.  Some seriously trampled on our trust.  People are people and kids are kids.  Some of those reconnected as adults and that was a great gift to us.

So I think of those of you who read my Facebook posts and blog as friends.  I hope you think the same of me and I know that for some of you, some of my opinions run counter to your beliefs.  We hang in with each other, however, and I think that is a path of peace more should trod.  Beliefs are beliefs, actions are the stuff that should decide friendship.  What are your thoughts?

Share, care, and stay strong.

Topic #136: How do you decide who to be friends with?

Share, care, and stay strong.

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