WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE A KID?  You might think my earlier post about buying an adult tricycle was my answer to the Daily Post -Challenge of the day.  And yes, just the thought of being able to tool around as I once did, has a feel-like-a-kid sense to it.  Not my answer however.  I have modified the question to what keeps me feeling younger. Definitely caring for Ben, no doubt about that.  Both our grandchildren keep us feeling young.

The Colorado sun and mountain air, being where nature abounds should also be mentioned.   When I see horses grazing that always takes me back to more feel good memories.  Didn’t see horses in the Bronx.

And yes, the privileges of living where I am free and have enough in the way of material goods figures in there also.  I am grateful for all I have been given.  Stay strong. Live your now. You don’t grow younger in body at least.

IMAGE: David with my camera. Taken on a recent trek up to Dan and Amy’s.

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