Do you believe in global warming.  Of course, and I believe in global cooling. And I have no faith in my opinion about which is taking over for the next ten, fifty, a hundred,  a thousand or twenty thousand years.   As a person who is often a middle of the fence thinker, I see why many are divided on the issue.  My personal common ground with both sides is to worry about how we are polluting the world,  To me that is something every one of us can fight by how we live.  I am less sure all our efforts to control the forces of climate will prevail.  I do what I can and leave the rest up to the higher forces of nature.  Read recently black holes hit the earth every day.  A big enough one might end all.  So on that happy note, I will end this post with one of my Staying Strong Tips.

STAYING STRONG TIP: Expect the worse, plan for the best, live now, do what you can to live tomorrow and many more tomorrows.

IMAGE: www.global-changes.com

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