THE DAILY QUESTION WOULD YOU  EVER CONSIDER RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT.  I assume they are talking about President of the United States.  I am known to be slightly wacky, but I am not truly committable.   I am think that one must be the leading resident of Looney-Tune Town to want that particular job.   Share, care, and stay strong. So the answer is NO.

I can understand someone thinking they might be able to do a great deal of good as President, but as the saying go it takes a village to raise a child and to rule this country it takes a senate, a judiciary, an armed forces, getting along with the media, getting along with those that put you in office as well as those who don’t want you in office.  I have a great many people skills, but no money, no desire to be president and no illusions that I could do any good if by some miracle I was forced to accept the call of my fellow country men.

Seriously, I think we all could do a lot more by becoming informed citizens, listening to all sides, wanting the most good for the most people and doing our best to assist those we thing want to same to get into office.

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