YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE WORLD   Today’s question was: Whose responsibility is it to change the world? And what will be your contribution?   You meaning one person, meaning one group of people, meaning all the people in the world?  We do not have the power to change the world.  Something larger than we the people controls the world.

STAYING STRONG TIP: Don’t take on responsibility for things you don’t control.

How life is lived by the human species is another story.  How that affects the world is another story. The more people who join to work for a greater good, the more life as all living beings might improve.  That should improve the world for all living beings.  Moreover, every adult  has the power to change his or her small world and it is far easier than most realize.

STAYING STRONG TIP: Small acts of kindness, taking the time to compliment and  thank those who serve you,  holding a door, letting someone in line ahead of you not only improve life for others but strengthen you emotionally.

WHAT WILL BE MY CONTRIBUTION?  I try to live what I advise.  I blog, I write, I share.  Some say are kind enough to say “Thank you.”  When I lived in New York, I often got off the subway to walk a few extra blocks as a Move Your Body Exercise, but often also found in among the crowd of people passing by there was always someone one to compliment.  Sometimes it was the beautiful color of a scarf; sometimes the way someone’s hair had the bounce of health, sometimes I saw another person practicing kindness.  Sometimes if I saw someone struggling, I’d offer my “Stay Strong.”  Ninety-nine times out of a hundred I was rewarded with a smile that warmed me.  In Colorado the streets of Highlands Ranch are far less crowded, but I can always ply my make my bit of the world happier at the super market but that is only once a week.  I do other little things.  In New York picking up trash made no difference; in Colorado taking the time to collect the isolated soda can or careless thrown away Micky D bad makes a big difference.  And as my work as involved being more present on the internet I try to push the like button lots more.  I always appreciate when someone lets me know a post is liked; so suspect others feel the same.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  Do what you can, when you can to bring a smile to another’s face, its warmth will light your heart.

Share, care and stay strong.

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