Today’s question:  Do you believe in life on other planets? Why or why not? Why do you think most alien races in most movies are so dangerous and not friendly?

My answer:  Why not believe.  To think otherwise limits possibility.  When I cannot know some thing, I try to put my faith in the best possible alternative.  Finally, it seems far too narcissistic to believe that among all the stars we are the only living creatures–a little like thinking the sun revolves around the earth.

I think making the alien races in the movies frightening is the rather normal  human response to the unknown flavored with putting on to potential enemies our own evil.  And fear in a movie sells.  You survive it.

Maybe we get by-passed because we are have not learned to accept differences peacefully.  Maybe we haven’t been by passed, but are being visited and ignored.  And maybe those occasional moments of awe and feeling connected to something far  greater than ourselves are intimations of what might be out there, loving us, cheering us on and every once in a while making miracles that  make  us believe in angels.

Staying strong tip for parents, workshop leaders, therapists.  This is a total change of subject.   The webpage below  offers the image above for coloring.  Didn’t know that when I picked it. But made me want to share this tip.

Coloring is self-soothing exercise.  Bruce Perry  is a world renown expert on helping children deal with trauma.  He rarely meets with a child without crayons and a coloring book and he colors with the child.  I loved this idea and began having a crayons and a selection of things to color at every support group and had staff color duirng meetings and at one-on-one or family sessions. There are lovely mandalas on-line and lots of other coloring  material that appeals to children and adults.

Everyone loved coloring.  Well, no, there was one complaint but only one. I was particularly impressed with how the seniors we worked with got into coloring, even the men.  So get yourself some crayons, invest in some coloring books and soothe yourself and others.

IMAGE: www.freshcoloring.com  


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