HYPYER OR NOT  A QUICK TEST. Today’s question, how long can you sit in silence can clue you into if you are hyperactive or not.

One of the quick tests to see if you are hyper-active is to see  how long you can stand quietly at ease, not moving and of course remaining silent.   Whenever, I did this as an exercise in my classes within a minute I could spot those having trouble standing silently still.  A few did not show outward signs but admitted after completing the exercise, that although they could stand quietly, it was difficult and they felt uncomfortable.

I am hyper and that is why in my effort to learn to calm myself I developed my One Minute Meditation–the OMM exercise of my Emotional Fitness Training Courses.  You can see it as a Wiki How

I do best at staying silent before falling asleep, even then I have what some call Monkey Mind, thoughts racing about from one thing to another.  It does help to just see the thoughts as if they were passing ships.

Being hyper is not all bad, I have lots of energy, need less sleep than many and can usually multi-task fairly competently.  distractibility which often goes along with being hyper is more of a problem and particularly as I age.  That combined with short-term memory loss frustrate.   I try to remember to OMM and it helps but does not cure.

I will search around for and post  my Columbia University School of Social Work lecture notes  as well as a handout I gave out to parents dealing with ADD–hyperactivity is a sub type.  Having ADD without hyperactivity is often missed and can make learning in school difficult for the child.  Hyperactivity is not missed because it usually disrupts the class and frustrates teachers.

STAYING STRONG TIP — Do not let stigma keep you from getting help if being hyper or distracted interferes with you functioning.  Coaching can help; medication can help.  I once changed the mind of a psychiatrist basically opposed to medicating children by having him spend a half an hour in the home of a hyper-active six-year-old.  Nothing like being there to appreciate somethings.  Medication made it possible for this six-year-old to succeed in school.

Medication itself is not bad, it is how it is used that is the problem.  It needs careful adjusting to work and not all  prescribers are good at that.

Care, share, and stay strong.

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