TODAY S CHALLENGE was to pick your five best posts from the month of May, repost them and say why you liked them.  Well didn’t find the time to review my posts.  Did decide I would pick different categories-A Be With Beauty Post, A Repost, A Response to the Actual Challenge Question, The most popular post as judged by comments, and the post I enjoyed writing most.  I had picked a few and then realized they were June posts.  So instead I am posting to say I am going to draw this challenge out over the next few days.  I may answer some of each Day’s Daily Challenge, but perhaps not.  We will see.

STAYING STRONG TIP for myself.  Good enough is good enough; perfection is for surgeons and engineers and if they only need to be near perfect. As I said recently “Do what you can, snf when you can to bring a smile to another’s face, its warmth will light your heart.” I did make five kids at the swimming pool smile and it did warm my heart. So I will focus on that as I fall asleep.

Share, care stay strong, and good night.


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