Topic #152: What’s the stupidest thing you’ve heard in the last week? Maybe online, or a work, or from a friend or family member?

Okay don’t generally think stupid, think not knowing, or not trying, or some more forgiving thought.  Do get bugged, however, by some things and some Post- a-day bloggers get my granny-nanny goat when they say they cannot think of anything to write.  Say hay.  That’s why there are topics.   My granny-nanny goat wishes a few more would stay on topic; when I am not clear on what to say about the topic, those who do post fuel my thoughts.  So thank those and I am shaking my finger a bit at the complainers.  Try two sentences on topic instead of saying you can’t think of something to write about.  Those two sentences might lead to an interesting post.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  Do what you can and then just a bit more.  You will amaze yourself.

Share, care and stay strong.

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