Topic #153: What’s the smartest thing you’ve heard in the last week? Maybe online, or a work, or from a friend or family member?

Most of the talk about Weiner-gate has annoyed me.   An online friend Val Lewis echoed my sentiments when she commented that there were more important things to talked about. In another list discussion, many were saying the same.

Shouldn’t we be worrying about ending war and tyranny, saving the resources of our planet.  Why are we wasting time and energy on one man’s adolescent behavior.  Sexual behaviors between consenting adults should be private behaviors unless breaking the law and even there the line has to be stretched–for certain acts deemed illegal are not harmful.  Some countries outlaw sexual acts between members of the same sex; others have made prostitution legal while other countries send those who accept money for sex are sent to jail.  The purchasers go free.

As a bra-burning feminist, and free spirit of the sixties,whose parents never put down sexual feelings except extreme public displays of affection.  A side journey to explore what my parents meant by public displays of affection.  Yesterday, at the community swimming pool , a young man was kissing his companion’s breasts.  X-rated behaviors that belonged in a bed room.   My Nanny-granny goat self made a face and rasied my eye-brows which the young girl saw along with my nod to the many children splashing about.  She stopped the hot young man and soon both left the pool.  Mostly this type of display involves teens; but not always.  This couple were in their late twenties.

Back to Weiner-gate.I find it appalling the media invades and exploits people’s private sexual lives.

I don’t think any of the talk about Weiner’s adolescent behavior has looked at the root of the problem the result of efforts to control other people’s pleasure.  Religions have been particularly restrictive. Two of the major religions promote abstinence, although only Christianity pushes it down every one’s throats.

Then we have a religion in which  men blame women for turning  them on.  Sigh.

No shame should be attached to any sexual behavior between consenting adults. That includes flirting on Twitter;  going naked on the beach; going to prostitutes; having same, opposite, or self sex;  buying and watching pornography; making pornography involving adults, having sex outside of marriage or committed relationships if that is what your partner agrees to.

Weiner’s behavior was adolescent, but not harmful to others.  I had  more outrageous stuff done to me on the NYCity subways.  Don’t talk to me about lying and blackmail.  The problems started long ago with the perversion of a natural act and the consequences that grow from  the  shame people have had put on them because of that perversion.  If  sex was allowed to be all it could be–and it is one of life’s better gifts–there would be no lying, no blackmail, no scandal.

But what do I know?

Share, care and stay strong.

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