HOW WOULD YOU IMPROVE WORDPRESS?  Topic #154: Ok. This is one is a bit of a cheat, as it’s kinda, sorta, my job to find ways to make WordPress.com better. But since you’ve been using WordPress all these many weeks, to make all those fine posts, every day (or week) even when you didn’t really want to, why not write a post about either: a)Your feature wishlist (what do you wish WordPress.com did?) or b) Your top complaints, especially as it regards being a frequent blogger (which all of you are).

I have three complaints-mainly of the kind I call Grannykat Nannygoat kind.  Not major:

  1. First a self serving one,  I wish I could make Fresh Press.  I do think some of my post are at least as good as those shared.  Understand that my demographics are wrong–but the boomers are aging and those of us there or long past deserve some recognition for being on the leading edge for our generation.
  2. I wonder about the continuously run big pictures when you log into post-a-day.  The current one seems to subtly hawking natural look make-up.  The most annoying one was the paper doll fashion page.  Mainly annoying because of the repetition and the sneaky sense  money was the reason they were posted. I don’t mind ads or  promotions–but I like transparency and variety also.
  3. Also some better description of how to get my Post-a-day badge up.  Have tried many times and it doesn’t work for me.  I am an old lady, but far from stupid and upto date  on techie stuff, and so far I haven’t gotten it there.

My wish list is small:

  1. An easier way to get to Post-a-day to read what people are saying.  Want it on my dash-board or sign-in page. I have to go to my blog to sign in.  Yes that increases traffic, but not useful traffic.  And yes there maybe an easy way I don’t know, but then put that in the info on Post-a-day.
  2. A way to go where I stopped reading Post-a-day blogs.  Maybe clicking favorites would do, but would like a go to page or go to last read post on the page to make it easier.

Wonder if any of you agree with me?  And a note to my Facebook friends:  Apologies for an in-group post.




  1. Hi Katherine..I find it a little difficult getting around WordPress but I think it may be me and not the site, except I wish there was an easy link to reading the postadays. Surely there must be. If I were on the team selecting Freshly pressed I’d vote for you! 🙂

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