DESCRIBE A RECURRING DREAM:   Mine is as regular as the one that kept repeating itself in the movie Ground Hog Day.  I am on my way to some where very important.  I leave myself extra time to get there and the beginning is rosy.  I  whistle a happy tune.  Then things go wrong, I get lost;  someone pulls me in a different direction; someone is in danger and I have to rescue them; I am in danger and have to take different route;  I see something of interest, investigate and I am lost again; I think I am back on track, something else happens;  I never get where I am gong: I wake up in a panic.

I will have this dream four nights out of seven.  I hate it.  Had a tiny bit of success changing it through Lucid Dreaming–tiny as in maybe one dream out of ten.

The message is clear, the dream is my life and my time here is winding down. I have things I want to do and they are not getting done.  Too many people want too much from me, I want to do too many things, I pursue too many paths.  Now I am depressed.  And you thought I was always the optimist, always staying strong.  See how I fooled you.  Sigh.

Life is a struggle and everyone gets waylaid, pulled in all directions. find dreams becoming nightmares. Going to finish this quickly, eat something I shouldn’t and go back to reading about John and Abigail Adams.  Adams  got to be President,  survived Hamilton and Jefferson’s  treasonous actions,  kept the nation from being taken over by France; appointed John Marshall Chief Supreme Court Justice, saw one son follow in his footsteps, had a marriage of enduring love. He also lost his re-election bid, was vilified by the press,  his most charming son died of alcoholism, his daughter had a disastrous marriage, they lost all their money from a poor investment.  Both are definitely on the downhill slope, he is bald and tootheless: she is racked with rheumatism and recurrent fevers; she will probably die before he does; their marriage has been one of enduring love.  On balance a successful life.

So I might not finish my novel or see Emotional Fitness Training, Inc. to success, but on balance, the nightmares not withstanding, there has been more good than bad. I wish you all the same.

Stay strong.

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  1. I don’t have recurring dreams at least I don’t think so. The dream feels like it is not winding down so much as there is another direction you have to take..just what you wanted to hear I’m sure..but there is something else..another direction where you won’t face so many blocks and deferents. If you are having the dream this often the message is pretty urgent. I’m thinking you might just be gearing up for something new,

    • Right on. And several days ago I got to my goal–it wasn’t clear what that was, but I woke up happy. I had a Freudian analysis and do think our dreams are trying to tell us something. I know partly my fear is becoming incapacitated before I finish my novel, but also know that I just have to do what I can and leave the rest up to what is going to be while hoping for the best. Staying strong and thank you for commenting.

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