Topic #160:  What would cause you to protest or riot for something?I protest the loss of the right to  protest in any way I want that does no physical harm to another. I protest religions that limits G-d’s love to a specific belief.  I protest preaching hatred.  I protest oppression particular of women and children and those who are different.  I protest the acquisition of mega amounts of wealth while others starve.  I protest cruelty to animals.   I probably would not riot, I have enough Quaker in me to believe in passive resistance and silent protests.  I protest by the way I try to live me life.

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free‑speech21.jpg – Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion,



  1. If protest. It be the appalling behaviour of USA as British govt policies
    their military forces where over a long period as present use defence
    of freedom defence of democracy /as a cover in committing appalling
    acts of brutallity of injustice worldwide // resulting with untold suffering
    as injustice // bringing great destruction / river of tears / rivers of blood.

    Though must be added in the USA the main fault is with the republican
    party whom / in govt abandoned international law as domestic law / and
    embarked on a holy crusade agin muslims /resulting in many hundreds
    of thousands killed // torture / suffering / destruction/ beyond ones belief.

    In regard to the British their fate linked to the USA a USA that at present
    is the worlds leading military power // thus the British having little choice
    but supporting a USA // if they the British being the worlds leading power
    then the situation worldwide would never have come so dire an situation.

    • Elizabeth, you brought tears of gratitude to my eyes. Have been feeling down–and compared to many of the blogs, yours is one, I struggle with wondering if it isn’t time to pack it in. Your awards will keep me going Not quite sure how to post of gift your awards, but they shine in my heart.

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