The challenge question: What have you lost recently? And what are you doing to try to get it back? Or are you now surprised to be glad you lost it?

Over the years: Lost my brother, my parents, loves, my virginity, pets,  fear of swimming, too many friends,  a house, my hearing in one ear, half my hearing in the other ear, all but five of my teeth, gobs of hair, weight only to gain too much back, sleep, my temper, patience, spelling contests, jobs, money, two valuable rings, one sentimental silver chime ball, hats, gloves, sweaters, books, money, bets,   contests,  blood, my dignity, my good health,  most of the bone in one hip, an appendix, my tonsils, my gall bladder, my breath, much short-term memory, my balance, my way.

Today I  lost: car keys, house key, cell phone, reading glasses, sun glasses, distance glasses.    Found all.

Get back some losses by remembering the good times; what I can’t get back reminds me to enjoy what I still have.

Stay strong, share, care and share.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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