IT IS OFF MY BACK?  For those who didn’t read yesterday’s post, something was growing on my back.  I felt an itch, managed to pretzel my arm and reach it and felt a thing, the size of dime, lumpy, rough feeling growth of some sort.  David looked at it with his baby blues.  He wasn’t very comforting, this from the world’s greatest denier of physical wrongs, whether his or mine, his immediate reaction was:   “A doctor has to look at that and soon.”

Yesterday I talked about my Colorado love affair with Kaiser Permanente (KP), how I e-mailed my doctor on a Sunday afternoon asking her if I should see her or a dermatologist.  She got right back to me, said to come see her, and this morning made the appointment ovcr the internet and saw her today.  Benign lesions with a fancy name, common in “elderly.”  She froze it off, scolded me for not getting my mammogram; I  promised to to so  by July 31st.  Then we talked about KP and both agreed it could be a model for a universal health care plan.  KP is non-profit, solvent, and do a great job with reasonable co-pays and premiums.  Love, love, love my KP.  Love my Primary Care doctor, but really hope I don’t see her again until next March when my official yearly physicial is due.

So that’s my story morning glories, share, care and stay strong.

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