FREE WILL MY STRAIT JACKET     So I posted my Free Will post after following the advice to let it sit for a day to make sure I caught all the mistakes, sent it to someone else to read, used the Free Press editor and thought, okay this time I will beat out my dysgraphia–a learning disability that when combined with my aging brain is becoming steadily more frustrating.  So I post and when I read it ten minutes later what jumps out at me.  A glaring mistake in the headline.

Sugar, Honey, Ice, Tea.

And that my friends was the only way you could swear in my presence when I was a fosser parent.  And yes, I have some choices, but hate all of them.   Suicide at some point, and probably my brain will die first and I won’t have the where-with all to do the dirty deed.

Sugar, Honey, Ice, Tea.

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