WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE THE OLD LADY OR THE PRETTY GIRL? “What is good about growing old?” is my translation of today’s Daily Post Question. As as an old one,  let me list some ways.  If you are lucky, age makes you:

    • grandparent
    • Care less about what others think
    • Become truer to yourself
    • Become more grateful for what you have, rather than eternally questing for the newest gadget or experience
    • Able to live much more in the now
    • Accepting of  imperfection as  part of life
    • Become more tolerant of others
    • Focused more  on what really matters
    • Happy to be breathing
    • Happy to wake with no new pains
    • Less bothered by life’s trivialities
    • Able to look upon those younger with a bemused loving affection
    • Friendships, particularly with those whose history I have shared.

BONUS QUESTION    What is something you thought would get easier as you aged, but didn’t?  Another list:

    • Being a parent
    • The pull of old habits:  I gave up smoking nearly forty years ago and still crave cigarettes.  Interestingly, I  now hate cigarette smoke, but in my mind love it still, hence the craving.  The pull of addiction is strong.
    • My financial situation
    • My ability to make money doing good– Emotional Fitness Training, Inc‘s  mission.
    • Movies–really good ones are rare now for my age group.  Did enjoy the King’s Speech.
    • Staying thin.  I was a skinny-minny and could eat all I wanted until about age 35 now a healthy weight is hard to maintain.
    • Faith in G-d.  I do want to believe, and have great hopes, but the on-going horror of  hatred and violence create much doubt.

ANOTHER BONUS QUESTION: What is something you thought wouldn’t get better with age, that did?  Yet another off the top of my head list:

    • My looks or at least my satisfaction with my looks, the Prom Queens have had a much harder time feeling good about how they look, I love how I have aged.  That may change as I continue down hill, but for about twenty years I have really enjoyed my body and my looks.
    • My belief that kindness and trying to do good are what matters most.
    • Sex–different, but better.  Glad I am a woman and my age does not make it harder for me to function sexually.   Glad I am comfortable masturbating.
    • Technology.  Never thought the computer would become such an amazing miracle and so important a part of my life. Fuels my hope for peace on earth.

Now to answer my question.  I would rather be the old woman than the pretty girl, but I also would like to be about twenty years younger in my body.  Staying strong.   Your thoughts?

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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