WHAT WAS YOUR LAST ACT OF RANDOM KINDNESS ?  That is today’s Daily Post Question.    Well, tonight I was more than a bit annoyed at my husband,   but I put the annoyance aside and cooked his favorite end-the-Shabbat meal.    Don’t know if that qualifies as random enough.

I do try to practice random kindness when I am out  and around people,  I practice kindness by finding something complimentary to say to those who ring up my groceries or pass me on the street.  I let drivers in when others don’t.

When I walked the streets of NY City, I loved telling a stranger how much I liked a tie or a scarf or hat they were wearing.  Always got the best  kindness  reward–someone’s genuine smile.

Here in Colorado,  I don’t see so many people so my  reward has becomes feeling virtuous.     I pick up trash and often that includes what other dog walkerss should have picked up.

When I lived in Manhattan and the Bronx, trash spotted the ground like dandelions on a poorly tended lawn.  Here in Colorado, most people don’t sully the world.  A soda can here or a MacDonald’s wrapper are rare,  but as offensive as a danelion on a golf green.     I almost always collect such stray leavings and deposit them in the nearest trash bin.

Now I know the dog doo bite may seem a bit wacky and that is part of my being–Wacky Old Woman.  Colorado does encourage  picking up after your dog by providing doggie doo bags every block and places to deposit the bags at various strategic corners.  As  Whisper seems to like to drop her doo near other uncollected doo,   I collect both.   So what are your Wacky Acts of Random Kindess?  Staying strong anyway I can.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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