WHAT T IS THE SMALLEST THING NEAR ME?  The Daily Post says to write a paragraph about what I see.

A rock.  Small, almost a chip found at Jade Beach in California.  It sits at the very top of a group of rocks.  The bottom  rock  is a Colorado Rock.   Rocks  speak to me  the history of this world.  This Colorado rock  is round and smooth.  It is layered.  I imagine the white layers as   sand, then something thin and black covered  the sand, then a layer of speckled gray and white seems to tell me that the black and the white  mingled for a while and then eventually the white sand took over.  Somewhere in the middle  of this rick there is a  layer of  white and yellow crystals of some sort topped by a very thin layer of black and then mostly the speckled stuff with some thin lines of white.  This rock is smooth and oblong, with no sharp edges.   It may have been part of a long flat rock that was somehow torn to pieces and then rubbed smooth by ice and water.  It is large enough to hold two  smaller rocks.  These are gray and interesting to me because something has drilled holes into them and in some places through them.    Then is a larger purple rock with white streaks that is also round and smooth.  It is placed as a kind of bridge over the two gray ones. and On top of it are tow layer of  rocks from Jade beach with the smallest on top of one of the layers.

My husband and kids laugh at me, but I love rocks.  h, Green, gray, purple,  pink, white, black, brown, tan, speckled, flat, rounded, smooth, hard, soft, crumbling, rough, smooth,  or jagged.  I love them all.  I also collect shells and  know if I had sat somewhere else the smallest thing would be a tiny clam shell,  white on the outside  and a deep purple that spreads to lavender on the inside.  That tiny shell rests in a nest of similar  shells  each a little bigger.

Apparently, the Zen Buddhists make rock towers as a form of meditation.   The picture accompanying this post is of such a tower.   My apologies to the photographer I lost his name.  The pile of rocks near my computer is not stable and if the table gets bumped, I have to rebuild my tower of rocks., it is a calming exercise.  I stack my rocks and shells here and there  around the house. They connect me to nature and seeing them fills with me a sense of connectedness to a force greater than myself.  I am in awe of this world of ours.    There are many ways to  enjoy nature, be  with beauty, and feel connected to a greater power.  My rocks and shells are a way I stay strong.

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