Topic #86:If you could script tonights dream, what would would the plot be?

Actually according to the Lucid Dreaming people you can script you dreams.  Wiki How offers directions.

My dreams reflect my stage and age; all are frustration dreams.  I am going somewhere very important to me, but never get there.  Sigh.  Sometimes the dreams are only frustrating; and sometims horror trips.

If I could control my dreams as the Lucid  Dreamers do,  I’d dream of finishing my life’s work.   Mainly that would mean having my novel published and on everyone’s best seller list, my blog being on the top ten lists, and Emotional Fitness Training making money doing good.  Big dreams and as I am 74, time presses, hence the frustration dreams.

Experimenting with Lucid Dreaming worked for me, but I didn’t keep up working the formula.  This week, however, I rode the night mare hard and long.  That and this particular daily post question are good reminders to start working once again on taking charge of my dreams.

Keep caring, dream happy things,  and stay strong.

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  1. I have read a bit on scripting your dreams but am not remembering them well enough to know if I do. A girl friend of mine has clear dreams and she remembers, details..surroundings and events as they proceed. I used to have the frustrating ones where I try to get somewhere and cannot but they have not surfaced for a long time.

    • Some would say that is a sign of health. Your dream censor as Freud called it is working. Wish mine would as I’d like the scary ones to stay buried in my sub conscious. I am a sporadic sleeper, so wake often during the night and can almost guarantee that by morning I will wake from a remembered dream. Thank you for all your comments, it helps to know I am read. Think we are soul mates from what I read on your blog.

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