TO SLEEP? PERCHANCE NOT.   HOW LONG HAVE YOU GONE WITH OUT SLEEP.  Know I’ve pulled a few all nighters and probably one or two all nighters and a half.  Thinking about it, I can feel that  wrapped-in-cotton feeling that makes me feel like I’ve had a few too many Katherine’s Martini–cheap Vodka straight up on the rocks. 
Now I sleep in bursts.  I don’t go a night without waking up every three hours; according to many same aged friends that is part of life on the Downhill Slope.  
At least without a regular job to go to, I can nap. Napping means, however, risking insomnia?   Therefore, I only nap when my eyes close of their own accord. And right now that is what my eyes seem to be doing.  Before they close, what is the longest you’ve been without sleep?

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