WHAT ARE YOU READING BESIDES WHAT IS POSTED ON YOUR COMPUTER?  No Daily Post Question yet from WordPress and I am too tired to stay up any longer.  Want to crawl into bed and cuddle up with the book I am reading.  Just finished a mystery: What Came Before He Shot Her by Elizabeth George.  I am always ambivalent about her books, want a happy ending and she never really supplies one.  This was a dark look at the connection between poverty, trauma, abandoned children, sex, drugs, and drug lords.  Am beginning to think I will stick to Faye Kellerman, her books usually end on a slightly happier note and  these are the types of books I read when traveling.  Page turners.

Now I am reading The Hemlock Cup by Bettany Hughes and yes it is about Socrates and yes I know the ending.   Having hit page 34,  I am pleased.  The writer is a sexy young woman, but she definitely has a way with words and creates a sense of place and narrative.

The book combines two of my college minors–philosophy and history.  Moreover, ti addresses the question we should all try to answer–How to live the good life.  Will let you know if I find an answer.  I do think some luck is involved and am grateful that I have been lucky enough to have lived a good life.  The question for me, is how to keep doing so as I age.  Meanwhile, it is off to bed and reading.  Stay strong.

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