ALIVE AND LEARNING OR NOT LEARNING AND NOT LIVING?  Today’s Daily Post Challenge ask  what have you learned recently.  As a WOW (I hope you think of me as a t least occasionally a Wise Old Woman and not a Wearying Old Woman)

As I am slowly  going deaf, I am trying to learn sign language.  One of my former staff once told me it was hard work and she knew what she was talking about.   I have started trying to learn for a several years but didn’t stick at it enough to learn much.  Now that I am a grandmother, however, and taking care of my youngest grandson, he and I are learning to sign together.

I found a great DVD call Signing Smart at the library and finally bought it.  I play it while feeding him.  And so far I have learned the following signs: Hello, goodbye, friend, mother, father, see, door, open, close, more, spider, crying, happy, diaper, monkey, milk, bird, duck, dog, again, more, work, long, I love you, cat, mountain, horse, sheep, chicken, here, again.

I am grateful my love of learning was not squashed by my parents, my learning disability, my teachers, my bosses.  I have been very lucky, too many are taught not to learn.

I am grateful that my learning disability was not dyslexia, because as a child and young teen reading became a salivation.

I agree with the Chinese Proverb that notes “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. ”
Of course, that presumes the learning is worth treasuring,

So also keep in mind this quote by Martin H. Fischer:   “It is not hard to learn more.  What is hard is to unlearn when you discover yourself wrong.”

Learn as much as you can, when you can, where you can AND question truth always for one person’s trash might be someone else’s treasure.  Keep learning, keep caring, stay strong.

Topic #46 Share one thing that you learned recently.

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