MEMORIES, MEMORIES, WHAT IS YOUR EARLIEST MEMORY?   This picture reminds me of my earliest memory, I was somewhere between two and three years old which I am in this picture.  The memory is of being wrapped in sunshine, sitting on the lawn of our then home–State Street as we called it years after losing it.  The house belonged to my grandfather and he had promised to sign it over to my parents as soon as they renovated it.  According to my brother the deed was on my grandfather’s desk waiting to be signed.  But the man died of a stroke at the age of 53. the deed was never signed,  and my parents  were forced to move.   The house was sold and turned into a parking lot.  Paved over one family’s paradise.
Anyway, I remember sitting on the lawn wrapped in sunshine.  My father was painting the picket fence that surrounded the house…one picket a jade green, the next picket white.  Dad was on the outside and I was on the lawn on the inside.
The sunshine I felt was  from basking in his love without any one trying to horn in on me and that love.    My two brothers were off somewhere with my mother.   Heaven.
I was my father’s “curly headed cow-girl” and knew that I had a love from him that I didn’t have t from my mother.  Boys were special in her family and she loved me, but I knew she loved the boys in a way that I could not compete with.  No matter, my father loved me as he never loved the boys.  So it goes in most families I suspect and as long as someone loves you with all their heart, be it a parent, an aunt, a cousin, a friend or even a pet, when you are with  person’s you bask in love’ss sunshine.
I am so lucky to have had my father’s love and yes–on the day I remember I was nearly bald and no curly-headed cow girl, but I knew he love me just the same.  Thank you dad. you love still fills me with sunshine.
Staying strong tip.  This type of memory is what I suggest you hold  in your good memory file and visit often.    Our brains seem to want to remember the bad, and the psycho-babble of our time points us to bad childhood memories, but we would not have survived without some goodness to carry us through.  Focusing on the good memories is healthier than continually dwelling on the bad.  Stay strong.
There was no daily post question today, so I decided to answer one of the ones I suggested be asked last week when there was no question forthcoming.   Here is my question. or daily post challenge.  Describe  your earliest memory?

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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