Actually, I am pretty content now.  I work at home, one wall of the living/dinning/kitchen, know these days as a great room,  in our apartment complex is mine.   My computer, the TV, office supplies and various things that make me happy surround me–pictures, sea shells, rocks, books,  memories.

The memories include  a black cat bronze doorstop that I grew up eying,  a sliding book bar with owls staring out from the ends that held the books in my desk when I was a teen,  a small Teddy Bear with a University of Delaware Sweater my college roommate made for me, a blue hippopotamus candle given to me by one of my foster children, a coral rock from a Florida beach, an origami rose made for me by a colleague,  some rocks, a toy couch from my childhood’s doll house, a funny little cat picked up on a vacation–all good memories.

To my left are the glass doors to our little terrace, so I can see the sun, watch the weather, come  summer watch my flowers grow,  or just  watch the world go by when I need to turn from the computer and day-dream a bit.

If I had all the money my family and I needed, I would probably want a small farm, near the ocean with a house only two rooms larger than where I live now.  I’d  want  lovely deck that had shade and sun. I would want an office of my own,  larger enough for company but with doors to shut people out when I wanted to work.  The office would have glass doors opening out to  the deck and looking out on a  horse pasture with a view of the ocean beyond the pasture,  There would be three cottages, two for guests,  and one to trade for help tending the animals and me as I age,  The animals would include horses and ponies, a sheep or two, dogs, cats, chickens, and a duck or two, so there would be  a large pond  for swimming and fishing filled by a trout stream that emptied over a little waterfall into another stream running down into the pasture.

Dreams are nice but as the Irish say, “Enough is a feast” and while more would be nice, I am grateful for what I have.  Stay strong.

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