FAVORITE TEACHERS AND WHY?    Many teachers have a place in my heart.  Troutie who taught me to ride and get back up after being knocked dwon.   Mr. Flagler who taught me how to drive when my father chickened out.   Mr. Simon, the English Teacher who made us think, but I remember best as he the first adults ever to apologize to me .  He bawled me out in front of the High School Drama Club for blowing my lines.  He apologized the next rehearsal saying he was frustrated with everyone, but took it out on me.  Me Davis, who although he thought I would flunk college English still made me the editor of the year book–I know now he valued my brain and despaired because I couldn’t spell or punctuate.  I think he thought having to edit would help me over come.  Didn’t. Finally, in High School there was Mr. Snaevely.  He was not a popular teacher but won a place in my heart by making it his business to see that I passed Geometry.  I had broken my wrist and had to take an oral examination.  He kept giving me questions, explaining when I was wrong, giving me the same question until I got it right.  Learning disablities were not know way back then, but good teachers live on in every age.

In college there was handsome, heart throb Dr. Bohner, but it wasn’t his good looks that made me adore him.  He marked my brains and not my punctuation and spelling and was the second grown up to apologize to me.  He called me to his office before grades were haded out and said that he thought I deserved an A+, but it was a composition course and he had to mark be down to an A- because of my many little errors.  Could have kissed them then and there, and loved him dearly.

Then there was Ms. DeArmond, who had been to high school with my mother.   Like Dr. Bhoner, she valued my brain, not my errors.  She wanted me to get my doctorate in English.  A heady reccommendation and one taat was trumped my desiire to get along with life and get a job.  Couldn’t get one on the basis of my English degree, but ended up in Social Work.  I suspect the same skills that made my English teachers happy with me were the ones that made me a good social worker.  An attunement to people’s less out-loud  pains, desires, and motivations.

My most favorite teacher of all time, however, was Dr. Benard Phillips.  He taught philosophy but claimend to teach Phillips I, II, and III.  He described himself as a Buddhist-Quaker-Jew.  The course I loved the most was his Reflective Reading Course.  You were required to read a book a week–heavy stuf, f and then write a paper reflecting on the book and how it spoke to you.    Don’t remember the books, but know he taught me in this and his other courses to think critically.  He was part of why I stopped calling myself a Christian, became a Quaker for a period and then a Jew.  My only criticism of him, is that he lived in the now and thought the written word lost life.  Curious for someone who taught by having us read so much.  I suspect he had a writer’s block and know the world lost much because he didn’t write.

Topic #72 What was your favorite class when you were in high school or college? Bonus: Was it your favorite class at the time you took it?  Picture from lovemyteacher.gif,  500 × 312 – An Ode to Teachers of Banned Books  thebookladysblog.com

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