I could write all day, just sit down at my computer, start reading what others are thinking and talking about and off I go.  Sadly much is not as goal directed as I would like, I get blocked, feel discouraged or otherwise not able to work on this or that project.

New obsessions take over. Right now I want to find a home for my “intellectual properties.”  I have spent years and years lecturing, giving workshops, creating this or that tool for staying strong and am vain enough to want my knowledge to live on after I am gone wherever death takes us.  The vehicle for carrying my knowledge forward seems to be self-publishing electronically.  I have selected Smashwords as a way to do this and so am busy learning how to format to meet their requirements ant  so I can  start publishing my material.   I am excited about this as a project, but it means I have put aside working on Merlin and Meredyth.

Which brings me back to how I best fight procrastination and stay inspired.  I must have several projects going at the same time.  When one stalls, another moves forward.

The strongest moving force remains connecting other people.  I came to my current project from a Facebook friend, that I don’t even remember why we befriended each other, but he has served as my muse for going electronic.  Who is he?  Harvey Stanbrough.  Harvey is an ex-marine, author, poet, editor, and cowboy–or so it seems from his picture, but above all he is a generous soul as eager as I am to share his knowledge and works.   If you write or want to write, befriend him, visit his links, grow.  He has added yards to my writer’s soul.

Being part of the Daily Post Challenge while it takes time also primes my thinking pump.

Finally I find inspiration from all my friends on my various internet links who take the time to read, press the like button or comment.  You keep me strong.  Thank you all.

Thanks also to Paul Foreman for his mind map.  I love mind maps and thought this was a broader answer to the actual topic which was  How do you find your muse? When you sit down to blog, or have a creative project of any kind you need to work on, how do you get yourself motivated to do it? What are your rituals or habits?

Stay strong.


  1. Just getting work in at last minute always excited me. I always believed that my best writing came would emerge from all that time I spent procrastinating. But now I find when given an assignment, project or whatever the “fun” actually comes during the research, planning and/or practice of putting said altogether.

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      • Thank you. I am including images now in all my posts. None are going through to the Daily Challenge while they used to. Curious, seeing as your get there, is there a trick or are my images just not good enough. I could accept the not good enough better than not knowing. At the same time, I do think some of mine are as worthy of inclusions as those that are posted. My gravatar always post. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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