Daily Post Question

What is your favorite number?  Actually, I am not fond of numbers.  Dyscalculia had me standing at the black board while the other kids were playing.  First, I cannot remember number facts; second, I reverse numbers–heading for I95 and I might end up on Route 59.  Dialing numbers on the telephone or inputting them into the computer and I go crazy, crazy.

Numbers are not my friends and not one has become a favorite.

I am particularly out of sorts with the number three and come to think of it with most odd numbers.  Why?  We seem to be bred to pair off .

As a parent,  watch two kids playing quietly and happily; add a third and peace vanishes.  Groups of four usually pair off, add another and there’s a fifth wheel on the wagon.  No I don’t like odd numbers just a bit more than I don’t like even numbers.

Stay strong

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