WHAT CONFUSES YOU?   I am a trained hypnotist and confusion is a tool of hypnotists.  Confusing someone gets their attention.  Confusing someone can make a person challenge core beliefs, but be careful for challenging someone’s core beliefs often creates lots of anger.

Because I am also learning disabled I sometimes say or write things that are confusing.  Used to tell my students if I was confusing it was to see if they were paying attention.   Also admitted,  it could be my learning disability at work and they could call me on it–that was because I didn’t want a student to blame themselves for something I was doing and I wanted to keep their good will.  Part of my social worker ethic.

Anyway, the question is what about life confuses me the most.  For me it boils down to how delusional so many people are.   The most harmful delusions seem to be about G-d.   I am a believer in a force of love that governs the universe in ways we cannot comprehend.   Makes sense to me, but given the shape of the world,  I can also just as easily wonder about a force for evil.   Confusing.  I find my way out of that by deciding I can’t comprehend G-d, I can understand the value of love and kindness as a way to make life better for myself, my children, my grandchildren and many others.

To better answer the questions,  let me generate a little list of what I consider some truly irrational beliefs  many people believe are the truth, but have pretty much been shown to be delusional:

  • A Rhino’s horn promotes potency
  • Your fate depends on where the stars were when you were born_astrology
  • Sacrificing an animal removes sin from people
  • You can change a person by telling them they are wrong or delusional
  • Wearing Red empowers you
  • Visioning cancer cells being eaten cures cancer
  • Black dogs are inhabited by the devil
  • Movie stars know how to raise children
  • Lucky numbers
  • Love at first sight
  • That groups of people are all absolutely alike: racism at its core
  • Feelings matter more than actions
  • That understanding someone who wants to kill you will stop a bullet

Sure you can add to the list.

David keeps expecting people to be logical.  I tell him G-d didn’t let us eat enough of the tree of knowledge for people are anything but logical.  And yet as I am confessing here, I still expect the same and am confused that delusion often wins.  I know education helps people become more logical so what confuses me the most is when educated people fervently believe in reading their horoscopes every day or that G-d has specifically ordained them to kill those who follow a different path.

Sighing.  Keep caring and stay strong.

Topic # 47  What part of life confuses you the most?

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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