What non-exercise activity do you wish would keep you fit? Not a very inspiring question.  Working or playing on  my computer.  I think I spend more hours doing that than anything else.

Move Your Body Staying Strong tip: I watch joggers others who are into exercise.  It is my fantasy that most were born to exercise which in my book means slender of body to begin with.  I say that because for the first thirty years of my life, I was mostly under-weight and in my mid-twenties began adding about 5 pounds more a year.  Had a great figure in my early thirties.  Mostly downhill from there.  The point, however, is that more I weighed, the more arduous exercising became.  I have a body memory of when I jogged with delight.  I felt light as a feather and carried forward by the air.  When I weighed the most,  I felt like a thundering elephant.  Not fun.

My tips?  Fit exercise into what you already do–walking the dog does it for me.  Throughout the day, stand a bit more; walk some extra steps; jump rope, but use only  the arm motions; keep some weights in the bathroom;  aim for three ten minute exercise periods a day.   Increase time and effort gradually.  Guaranteed?  Absolutely not; but worked for me and one or another variation might work for you.  Experiment, I can say when I am on track with my rather modest exercise program, a feel a thousand times better than when I give in to being a potato.  Good luck and stay strong.


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