What gifts have you treasured the most?  The least?

The most  treasured have been gifts from the heart of course.  Always life.  Life in a country that allows me to be me. Life that has allowed me to love the world and its beauty, the animals, the people, and the sense of connectedness to something beyond.  Life that has allowed me to grow, and to give.

Then my parent’s love, the love of friends and lovers, marriage, my  children, and now grandchildren’s love. Who could ask for anything more?

The least treasured was a TV set my parents scrimped to buy me.  I had asked for a small Sony that I could take from room to room in my not-too-large apartment.  Instead they gave me a huge color TV.  I was not happy.  Don’t think they ever knew, they tried.   My mother was the one behind that gift.  She generally gave you what she wanted and not what you wanted.  I remember wanting a pair of riding boots and had picked out a pair, instead she got me a better pair, but they were second-hand and had a big gash across the front.  Sigh. My father was not skilled in giving material gifts.  A dozen red roses always marked my mother’s special days.

I am not a good gifter as I don’t like being forced to give and tend to give un-birthday presents or money and gift cards.  That stems from wanting to get people what they want and not what I think they want.  An over-reaction to my mother.

PS. I had computer problems and could only post this now.  It is yesterdays Daily Post Question.  My perfect score gone, gone, gone.  And now on to today’s.  Staying strong.

Topic, What is the best gift you’ve ever received? Bonus: what is the worst gift you’ve ever received?

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  1. These are not easy questions to answer Katherine. The best gift was the gift of comfort. As a nurse in Medicne, Surgery, ICU then Management it was the gift to comfort. Regardless of medical intervention it was the touch, the smile that meant the most.
    The worst gift? It was during a gift exchange at work and without going into detail was most inappropriate and I returned it to the person citing that very reason.

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