Topic 94: When was the last time you were scared? What happened? What did you learn? Are you still afraid of that situation?

Three nights ago, I woke up and couldn’t  swallow; no, that is not quite accurate, I had difficulty swallowing.  My automatic swallowing pilot seemed to have turned off. I had to make a conscious effort to swallow and sometimes had to try a little cough, burp,  or hiccup to start the process.

After a few minutes I got out of bed and did a computer search.  Well, having just had a full workup because of a recent gall stone attack, I figured I didn’t have cancer of the esophagus.

According to the Mayo Clinic aging seemed to be one more benign cause or it could be  Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). That usually means heart burn, but not always.  I didn’t have heart burn. On another web page, which I cannot now find, difficulty swallowing was listed as a symptom of gall bladder problems.  As   am scheduled to have my stony gall bladder removed Thursday of next week, I figured that was it.   So I made a cup of tea with some honey, did a Jigzone puzzle and when all seemed well went back to bed.  Had another episode last night, but much briefer, still  annoying, but no longer scary.
When you are on the Downhill Slope it is one thing or another, so you just keep trudging along and hope you get a long ledge or two before hitting bottom. Staying strong.

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