RANTING AND  RAVING AND RAGING, WHY BOTHER?  Because  sometimes it gets what you what you want.  Want money?  Become the next Glem Beck or Keith Oberman.  Want better customer service?  Rant, ask to see the manager.  Want to bully someone, rage at them, particularly if you are bigger and stronger.  

Most of us are taught if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  Makes me feel virtuous lots of the time.  Moreover, all the health experts say ranting and raving and raging is bad for your health.  Buddha says it is carrying a hot coal in your hand, you are the one being burnt.  I agree most of the time that being nice, not ranting and raving is in everyone’s best itnerest. 

But anger is a signal that something is wrong and needs correcting. Often it is a signal, the someone has reached the end our their tether   Take a trip back to your childhood, how did you know your parents needed immediate and total obedience?  My mother got very, very quiet, her eyes narrowed,  and if you pulled against her wishes, you were in for big trouble.   Her anger started out with ranting, but it was quietly but scorched you neverthe less.   Before she got quiet, she was talking and what many called ranting, but when she fell quiet that meant she was reacing the boiling over point.

So her ranting served a purpose.  ALmost every adult has a story about when and how a parent showed anger.  Some were always ranting, some never. Some didn’t rant, but as one grown up told me, “He started unbucking his belt and we knew, the line had been crossed.”

Best to see ranting and raving as serving a purpose and  to seek the deal with the underlying issue and even better before the rant begins.

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