WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE INVISIBLE FOR A DAY?  WHAT WOULD YOU DO?   No thank you.  Why?  To spy”  To learn what others really think about me?  To do something I would do in plain sight?  Sorry guys it goes against my grain.  Resent the idea that people are spying on me in many ways; so because I have to live with myself I do try to follow that rule that says treat others the way you want to be treated.   

What about you? Can you think of caring reasons to be invisible?  I’d like to read about them.  I do remember as a parent and foster parent wishing I could be invisible at times , hoping I could better figure out how to keep my kids from harm and trouble.  But really think what parents need to know eventually gets known and the rest is best get private.  I know many of my actioins growing up would have turned my parents purple with rage or white with anxiety.  Glad they didn’t know and also glad I don’t know all my kids have done.  Seems to me that privacy is an essential path to finding your own way in life.  Know many of you will disagree and isn’t that what makes the world go round.

Meanwhile stay strong, and keep caring,  your caring works.

IMAGE 22396.jpg  317 × 475 – How to Be Invisible: The Essential Guide to Protecting Your Personal Privacy, Your Assets, goodreads.com


  1. I agree with you that invading the private thoughts and stuff in others heads is not productive. It is definitely not my cup of tea. Why would I want that now especially in a world where many are invisible and suffer the terrible consequences of being ignored.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    • At least if you chose to be invistible you have a choice; the other invisibles have it forced upon them and that is despicable. I refuse to be invisible which a friend of mne said started happening to her at around 65. I guess I am just a pushy old broad. thank you for your response. Stay strong.

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