NOT A QUESTION, BUT A CHALLENGE.  Make a list of the top ten things you enjoy doing and haven’t done yet this year. 

  1. Visit  face-to-face with a number of family members
  2. Visit  face-to-face with my college friends.
  3. Visit  face-to-face with my best friend from high school.
  4. Visit  face-to-face with my former work friends.
  5. Visited face-to-face with other friends including  internet friends.
  6. Go horseback riding.
  7. Swim  in the ocean.
  8. Swim across a mile long  fresh water lake.
  9. Take  road trips with my husband
  10. Had my sons and their  i together in the same placeat the same time  so we can break bread and share the  love.

Know some will be accomplished, if I win the lottery a lot more will  get checked off as done. 

Curious that in checking the Daily Posts for the Day, seems no one has put up a list.  You can post on topic, but also off topic as the spirit moves you.  Doubt I am the only one posting on topic so far..  Maybe it is a questions others find boring. 

 I think it good to ponder every once in a while the things you want to do, makes it more likely some  will get done.  Curious to see if anyone responds to this post.  Will make it easier just list three or even  only one. 

Stay strong.

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