FOR BLOGGERS:  Why do you blog, what is the purpose of your blog?  Here is my blog’s  introductory statement:

This blog is my effort to  share knowledge about improving  emotional fitness or the ability to control feelings.  The bad news: when a feeling controls  you  often act in ways you regret.   The good news:  controlling feelings a skill that can be learned and strengthened.  I’ve spent a long time learning how to get and stay more emotionally fit.  Sharing keeps me strong and I hope helps others.   

 And of course, I want attention, affirmation, fame, fortune.  Who doesn’t?  At the same time, writing does strengthen me, and I do get affirmed, so if fame and fortune elude, I am still stronger for writing. 

A final personal reason is that I am on the Downhill Slope and want to leave  a legacy for my grandchildren and the children of any in my family who want to know a bit about some of their ancestors. 

Why do you share where you share.   And as I am heard to say often, share, care, and stay strong. 

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Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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