If you had to debate a version of yourself that was ten years younger, who would win? What about a game of chess? Or a 5k run? How are you better, or worse, at various traits than you were then?  I would have been sixty four and probably could out debate my younger self, not win a 5krun or a chess game.  Being on the down hill slope means I appreciate life more than I did then, but even then knew the value of living in the now.  I am less impatient, more forgiving, more forgetful, my huperactivity is worse and so is my learning disability.  Life is a mix but now it beats the known alternative.   Stay strong.

The picture  was taken six  years ago at my 50th High School Reunion.  Media High School in Media, PA.  Couldn’t find a picture from 10 years ago; have them somewhere, but am tired of looking.  Besides I love this picture because with me is one of my best fiends—Lynn.  We survived crushes on the same boy, she dated him; he never gave me a second look.  When I complained that she went out with him, she said “All’s fair in love and war.”  An important lesson for me that I think still holds true.  Our friendship survived, it began in kindergarten.  If you look closely you can see how we looked in our year book our graduating year.   Stay strong.

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