Here is the question: Is Nuclear energy a menace? for the future? Should the recent events in Japan define how we think about nuclear power forever? Why or why not? Are there any major sources of power without risks or downsides?\

I was not  gong to post on this one, but have had second thoughts.  I am posting  on why I found the question more than annoying.    Maybe one of two of the bloggers posting here is an expert on this subject and able to provide an educated answer.  The rest of us are just blowing our opinion bag pipes.

We all have opinions and we all have certain sets of knowledge.  Sadly more and more of us are confusing our opinions with facts, become polarized and argumentative.  Not helpful,  and sadly  the type of non-thinking this type of question pushes.  Not helpful at all.

Since the difficulties in Japan, I have read pros and cons in both camps and one article that claims nuclear power is safer than burning coal.  So I don’t really know and can only hope that those who are experts are lead by the facts and not by their opinions.

Finally, as with so many things, the problem is not nuclear power, but human weaknesses which make the use of nuclear power a danger particularly those willing to use it to kill.

Today’s Staying  Strong Tip.  To questions that ask you to be an expert when you are not, , say “I really don’t know, I am not an expert on things like this.”

IMAGE   http://www.yahindnews.com/breaking_news/us-believes-atomic-arms-race-in-middle-east-asia-can-%E2%80%98lead-to-nuclear-war%E2%80%99-wikileaks_45967.html

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