WILL THINGS CHANGE WITH bin Ladin’s  DEATH?  Yes and no.  Right now things will intensify.  Those who hoped he controlled more than he did will be more hopeful his death will mean an end to terrorism.  Those who venerated him will venerate him more.  He was buried at sea to keep his burial place from being a shrine for those who followed his lead in blaming the West: a shrine will be made somewhere and he will be honored; he will also hated.

The war of beliefs East versus West, dictators versus democracies,  the powerful against the weak will go on.  That does not mean there will not be change, but major changes will happen slowly.

Any student of history knows shifts from old ways to new ways take hundreds and sometimes thousand  of years to become common place.  Christianity did not become the belief of many until at least 500 years after the death of the man Jesus and the major acceptance came about for political reasons.   The Golden Age of Athens–the first recorded attempt at a form of democracy lasted barely one man’s life span.  Socrates was born as it began and forced to drink the Hemlock Cup when he was in his sixties and most mark that event as the end of the first effort to provide some with a level playing field.  The American Revolution seems to have survived, but many say there is not a level playing field for those not in the racial mainstream or possessed of much money.  Some say democracy is dying, others that it is dead.

Change is usually quickened by technological advances.  When boats gained stability, the Silk Road died.  Riding horses with stirrups, changed the power struggle.  Long bows replaced cross bows.  Gun powder replaced bows and arrows.

Today we are faced with the capacity to destroy all life on earth, but there is one ray of hope in my mind.  The advance of the ability to talk to one another through the internet.  That ability is not without its problems as lies seem to spread as fast as truth, still it has brought about revolution in some former dictatorships (faux democracies).  Hopefully that technology will make a better world possible and that more than Bin Laden’s death is our hope.

Stay strong.  Share, care, work for peace for all.

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