Do you remember a meal you hated the most?  Today’s Daily Post Question asks you to recall that meal.  Mine wasn’t hated at the time, but the after effects of a  breakfast eaten one morning at the Newtown Square Diner remain.

As my mother grew less and less fond of cooking we ate out  more and more and this particular diner was one of our favorite places–good food, pleasant staff, reasonable prices.  The fateful breakfast was early in the summer before I was to head off to college.  Think I enjoyed my breakfast and know I had two cups of coffee.  Six hours later food poisoning set in.  The local newspapers carried the story, someone had dumped used cooking grease by accident into a coffee urn.  Fifteen breakfasters taken ill,  I was one.  Curious that I don’t think anyone else in the family was so poisoned.

Not only did I think I was dying that night, but my stomach was affected for several months thereafter.  I lost fifteen pounds over a two month period.  Fifteen pounds I really didn’t need to lose as I was already a skinny-minny.  When I entered college I was 5’11’ tall and weighed 105 pounds.  Moreover, Twiggy and thinness had not yet become the fashion, Marilyn Monroe’s curvy body was more the rage.  Now I wouldn’t mind the loss of weight, but definitely not from bad coffee.

Do you have a story?

Staying strong and if I don’t get a chance to return,  Shabbat Shalom.

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