CHANGE AN ENDING AND FIND A NEW BEGINNING.  That is Daily Post’s topic  #115: Change the end of any famous story, true or fiction. Perhaps Darth Vader isn’t Luke’s father. Or maybe Nixon was never elected president. Pick any story, true or fiction, from the real world or a book or movie, and change the last few pages or moments of the story.

Mine: The Athenian attempt at democracy did not end and lead to the death of men like Socrates.  Humanity continued to grow more humane.   All oppression ends,  art, literature, science flourish, man walks not just on the moon, but man not only reaches the moon but creates heaven on earth.


Image  Peace+On+Earth+Hands.jpg   Day Two: Citi Performing Arts Residency: Peace on earth! alwaysbdancing.blogspot.com

Stay strong.  Share, care, work for peace for all.

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