WHEN IS GOOD ENOUGH GOOD ENOUGH?   Today’s question was mainly for bloggers and writers, but I think gets at perfectionism and impulsivity.   I am not just learning disabled but more than a bit hyper and that means impulsive.  Too often I push the send or post button before making certain what I am sending out is good enough.   I also  can get on the perfectionism track and let my fears hold me back.

Both tendencies have positives.  If I didn’t get impulsive, nothing would get done.  The shame that floods me when I see my post is far from good enough keeps me humble.  When  asked to post our favorite song, I pushed the send button far too soon, spent several hours trying to correct the formatting of the lyrics which I had tried to post as well as a link to the video.  The  updates must have driven anyone who saw this more than a little crazy.  Did me and I finally just sent the link to the video.  Sometimes, you just can’t do what you want and have to settle for almost good enough.  Good thing I am not a pilot or a surgeon where almost good enough is not good enough.

Topic #54 Here’s a meta topic, which should illustrate that if you don’t know what to blog about, you can always write about how you write. How do you decide when a post is ready to publish?

So my many friends, when do you know good enough is good enough?  Stay strong.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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