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Don’t usually post on Sunday, but couldn’t put this one off. Inspired by the Daily Prompt of WordPress’ Perfect’s Daily Post. 


What is worth doing gets done. Maybe later than sooner, but it gets done. Maybe not by you, but it gets done.  Maybe not as you would have done it; maybe better. Maybe never, then it didn’t need doing.


Tip one:  Not safe?  Do not put off doing what needs to be done to get and keep everyone safe.

Tip two:  Need your job? Do what you must do not to be fired.

Tip three: Want the good life?  Don’t go for the gold, don’t pursue happiness. Illusions.  Best bet for living the life you want? Work hardest on your goals, your personal mission, The Mission.  

Don’t know The Mission? Be kind to all you meet, make your corner of the world a better place to be. 


Do not procrastinate when it comes to staying strong.  Go here to practice one of my Twelve Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises. Once learned these are as easy as breathing.

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