Daily Prompt: Talking in your sleep.

Today’s Word Press Daily Prompt  Discuss  a time when it was impossible not to hear a conversation between people. First some humor. 

Anyone who can will eavesdrop.

Not a political comment, but a  fact: Anyone who can will spy on anyone they want to will do so. It is getting caught that makes headlines.  Thinking otherwise is delusional.

An inadvertent ease-drop changed my life. Well, I think it did.  I think I was  somewhere behind two class mates who didn’t know I was there.

One  said to the other, “She needs to smile more, she is beautiful when she smiles.”

Now, before I heard that, I was very self conscious as I had “buck teeth.” Still do. Moreover, I now know they might not have been talking about me. But for teenagers every conversation is about them.  I took this one to heart and started smiling more. I still let my smiles come and I think that has made stronger and kinder and meant more good people in my life.

Emotional Fitness Facts and tip

Smiling is both a cheer-up tool and a relationship building  tool as well as a way to practice kindness.  However, it must be genuine.  EFTI’s Strong Body Soft Face Exercise Poster Coach helps you smile genuinely. Here it is:

Soft face poster

Another way to make a smile more genuine is to recall a time when you were the most peaceful or happy while practicing this exercise.  In time this will attach to your smiling muscles and in time become an automatic part of your soft smiles. Remember every EFTI poster on a blog post can be found free at the EFTI Store.  They offer quotes to help you think about what matters as well as various Emotional Fitness Training Exercises such as this one.  Get this one here.

Stay strong

Smiling is also a way of practicing kindness. I smile a great deal at strangers when I say good morning or good day. But as another way of practicing kindness, I also always compliment those who smile at me.

Most smiles are beautiful and being told “Your smile sent a bit of sunshine in my heart” always leads to another smile. Even grumpy cashiers  forced to smile will smile at that one and teenagers eat it up.

Thank you, Word Press for this one, and thank all of you for reading, liking, commenting or sharing my ramblings. Keeps me smiling and that keeps me strong.



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