Put Some Zing Into Your Life

Quotes about boredom

Boredom comes from doing the same thing over and over again, Why the first bloom of love quickly dies in some marriages.  Try these tips to put some zing into  your life.

Emotional Fitness Tips

Tip one: Get real, particularly about a “boring job.” A job is what the business world has to pay people to do. It is the means to a goal, the poorer you are the more you appreciate any job.

Tip two: Have a mission in life and set SMART goals.  My eBook Know Your Mission So You Can Reach Your Goals will help. As with all my eBooks, it costs less than a latte, lasts longer, and is healthier.

Tip three:  Develop your ability to “trance out” safely.  If you get lost in your thoughts while driving a familiar route and get to your destination safely, you are skilled at trancing out. Trancing out safely is a skill and can be learned.  Start by learning by going here. and learning the One Minute Meditation.

Tip four: Keep learning. 

Tip five:  Beef up your self-soothing skills.  The more you build calmness into your life,  the more you can escape the trap of victimhood.   For more help strengthening these skills buy Self-Soothing, How to Create Calmness in Your Life. It costs less than a latte and does more good.

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