Depression (via Joss Burnel – The Crowing Crone)

Sharing a poem that captures depression so vividly I fell into it momentarily. How blessed I am that I am not often visited by such soul destroying sadness and that when he or she or ti comes, I know in time other visiting feelings will take over. Many others are not so lucky and I re-post this for you who are more often visited so you might feel less alone and having company always makes it a bit easier to move forward.

Depression Depression, my old friend dogging at my heels: like a thick grey fog wanting to envelop me, or like a migraine on the edge of my awareness waiting to spring and swallow me, like a giant squid covering my world with a spurt of deep black ink. Depression, my old friend aren’t you tired of this life-long friendship of ours? Don’t you wish to just move on and never return? Over the last four decades I have ranted and yelled at you, I have begged to b … Read More

via Joss Burnel – The Crowing Crone

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