Those who seek perfection are doing a two-step dance with shame and eroding their emotional fitness.    Seek excellence in a few things; meticulous in some, good enough in most. 

Do you stop reading something when encountering faulty grammar, poor spelling, or typos?  I understand, such things throw me off also, but I know if I stop reading,   perfectionism is bossing me.  I might end up throwing out the good greens with the salad’s rinse water. 

Mis-spellings and grammatical errors are my personal Achilles heel and kryptonite.  Dysgraphia is my problem. Here are some examples spell check does not capture: now becoming not; think becoming thing or even swing; or horse becoming hours, house, or course. Moreover, when I check, often I see the correct word and not the error. Very hard.

However, to make some usable charcoal out of this piece of coal, I have made peace with imperfection. Makes me a bit more likable to some, well at least I hope so.  

Finally, I have just discovered my battle with dysgraphia has provided me with life long “adversity training” – a new psycho-babble buzz word.  Then again, maybe I am just hard-headed, stubborn, and want my words read. Whatever!

Emotional Fitness Tip

Reserve perfection for the things that really matter; same with being meticulous. Go for the good or good-enough not the gold. Few things even need meticulous attention, let alone perfection.

Here’s a tip for the editorial minded for perfection nips at you.  Skim quickly for golden ideas.  None? Don’t read.  Well, unless you are an English teacher or professional editor. then you have no choice and the world needs you.

Finally, as I remind all every once in a while, neither spell check or I capture all my errors.  If that eats at you like flea bites or, worse yet, bee stings, stop reading me.  I understood. Opps, that should be understand. Relieve me I do understaff or is that standunder? Smile, I try.

Stay strong, I work at it all the time. Seeking good enough is one way.

Finally for all you do to share and care and make the world a better place, thank you; you make difference.


For all your sharing and caring, thank you; you make a difference.



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