Following your heart leads down a yellow brick road full of potholes and lined with Sneaky Hypnotists trying to get you to buy their potions.

Hypnotic tools used by salepeople.

Emotional Fitness Training Thoughts

Hypnosis involves evoking a trance state in which there is an increased likelihood of responding to suggestions. Trances are common. Daydreams are trance states.  Many meditations induce trances. If you read a book and shut out the real world you have entered a trance.

Hypnosis used for all the right reasons is a great tool for dealing with stress and pain as well as an aid to stopping bad habits.  However, it can also be a tool for getting you to do something you might want to do, but would not if thinking clearly.

Emotional Fitness Training Tips

Tip one: Learn more about how salespeople  are trained to use hypnosis. Go to the New Think Tank Blog post to see what you are up against. Read all his posts for a mini-course on hypnosis. It will better prepare you to avoid the lure of the Sneaky Hypnotists.

Tip Two: Use all advertising to train yourself to spot the uses and abuses of hypnosis.

Tip Three: Type Sneaky Hypnosis in this blog’s sidebar Search  Tool and read my other posts about Sneaky Hypnosis.

You need heart and brain working together to be the Wizard of the Good Life and not fall prey to suggestions you need something you don’t.

Parenting tip

The younger your child, the more easily s/he can be hypnotised. Moreover, properly taught, hypnosis can increase your child’s Emotional Intelligence.

Daniel Goleman, the guru of Emotional Intelligence suggests in this video teaching pre-schoolers  about Breathing Buddies.

Goleman calls trance states Mindfulness as do many other people. By any name trance, states can divide you from reality which can be soothing, but dangerous if you do not understand how others can divide your heart and brain, so you do things you regret.

Go here for a parenting post with more tips designed to protect your child from becoming a victim of Sneaky Hypnotism.


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