Earworm – “Try a little tenderness”

Daily Word Press Post Prompt or my variation.  Asked to write about a song. Well, I woke up this morning and couldn’t get this song out of my head and I know why. But first the song.

Why this song? Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong. I love Pinterest. Love  the recipes; the great homes; the skinny,  beautiful women; the sculpted men. I love, love, love Pinterest, but ….

But is that small word with a big meaning. For every post suggesting enjoying yourself, enjoying what you what have, there are fifteen hundred Pinterest posts raising the bar, and  particularly for parents.  Depressed me.  So I switched to Google+ and yes I am a social media addict.

Did Google+ help?  Same problem.  Lots of pressure on parents, but the same on those of us trying to make a success from our blogging and writing.  “25 ways to write better.”  “35 five tips for getting more traffic.”  “100 ways to be all you can be.” And occasionally, a post” 60 ways to deal with stress”.

Well, I dealt with my stress by turning off the computer, having a bit of chocolate,  reading  a few Chapters of Patricia Cornwell’s  “Trace’,” and heading for bed.

Don’t remember my dreams, but I woke up with”Women get weary, wearing that same shabby dress … try a little tenderness”  wriggling around my brain.  The  over load of must do and  must be  had invaded my dreams.

Terrible, but fodder for this post.

emotional fitness tHOUGHTS AND TIPS

My wannabe hat is famous author – well, at least well read.   And only the brim of that hat is about parenting; the crown is about my newest child – Emotional Fitness which is what I want my writing to become at least read by many more.

I do try to practice what I preach.  At least someone should benefit from my efforts.  Turning off and tuning out and distracting myself with one of my other pleasures (reading throw away books) was how I practiced emotional fitness last night.   And, of course,  eventually turning out the light and falling into sweet sleep’s arms.


Raising the bar, expecting more and more is a fallacious argument used to whip us into shape.  I bet every one of you recalls having been asked “Why a B+ and not an A?  Or as I heard and still hear “Great ideas, but you misspelled three words.”  (Do remember I have dysgraphia and errors get by me,  by spell check, and even by my astute editors.”)

Back to raising the bar. Truth be told it does work, but only up to a point.  And that point is too easily passed in our “Get Happy,” ” Be All You Can Be World.” Why are we so harried?  Creating dissatisfaction creates sales and sales makes the world rotate or so some think.

What to do?


First tip: Know the enemy.  Albert Ellis, master psychologist,  dubbed most of the “Do more”  messages “Musterbations.”

Second tip:  When you encounter the enemy meet him or her with a shield of slogans?  Some of mine:  “Enough is Enough.”  “Perfection not needed here.” “Good enough is good enough.”   “Not today.”  “Not for me.”

Third tip: Declare a slovenly day.  If the weekend is coming, plan to spend it in your PJs?.  Don’ wear PJs?  Then put on your oldest sweats.  Don’t cook. Nosh on left overs or take your slovenly dressed self to the nearest fast food joint. And yes, you can comb your hair or cover it with an old hat.  Slovenly hair and old sweats might get you arrested for vagrancy. No make up, however, if you are a woman.  No shaving if a man.

If you are the parent of teens, expect roars of outrage if you leave the house as a slovenly slob.  Ignore them but do let them stay home or hit the road to a friend’s house.  This is your slovenly day.

Okay I am joking a bit, and that is probably asking a bit too much. But try at least some slovenly or slowed down mornings.  And do practice occasional outings not dressed your best.  Get comfortable lowering the bar a bit.  You will profit, I guarantee.

stay strong

Remember what matters most is The Mission and that means trying to make your part of the world a bit kinder for all you meet.  You can be kind to me by sharing this post if you feel another will profit. Don’t want to share it? How about liking it?


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