Emotional Fitness Training: Smiling Matters.

Does smiling really improve your emotional fitness? Try Emotional Fitness Training’s One Minute Meditation with its two smile recipe and see.

How to meditate in one minute

Emotional Fitness INformation

The OMM provides two smile in less than a minute.  However, to strengthen Emotional Intelligence, the smiles have to one of three kinds. Read on.

  1. Genuine: Lips tilt up, lips may also part so our teeth show; eyes our light up, tiny wrinkles appear at the corner of our eyes, our bodies feel softer and warmer.
  2. Loving smile: A genuine smile directed at someone we love. This need not be directed at a person, but can be induced by a loving memory.
  3. A synchronized smile: A loving smile directed at another person  who is looking at us; usually we lean a bit toward them and engage their eyes.


These  Smile Exercise ARE practical wayS to strengthen your Emotional Intelligence.

Exercise one: Practice the Loving Smile  until you feel it bringing gladness into your heart and body. e.

Exercise two: Once you have mastered the Loving Smile  smile every time you see yourself in a mirror or a window reflection.

Exercise three: Have a smile contest with another person.   This is great fun with children.  Look the person in the eye and smile. While they do the same. Hold the smile as long as you can without laughing.  Who ever laughs first wins.  Laughter strengthens Emotional Intelligence as much if not more than a smile.

Stay strong  

Remember besides smiling, find time to laugh and play, to be with family and friends, to find what is good, to be thankful for all you have been given, and to think about what matters.

For all you do, thank you and if you thinks someone needs to smile more, share this post.


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